Gwen Stefani And James Corden Rock Carpool Karaoke With Serious Backup Singers

Do you know what a “hollaback girl” actually is? Did you know that the lyrics to “Sweet Escape” actually include full sentences about not shutting the refrigerator door? Do you love a good No Doubt joke as much as the next person who used to listen to Tragic Kingdom on cassette and cry and cry and cry? Then you’re going to need to see this, because Gwen Stefani’s episode of Carpool Karaoke on James Corden is a revelation. (No, seriously, who else had no idea there was a line about refrigerator doors in “Sweet Escape?”)

Things start out pretty well for Corden and Stefani as they make their way through the streets of Los Angeles to get the late night host to work. The two belt out “Don’t Speak” for a few seconds before moving on to discussing Stefani’s beauty regime (she really doesn’t look like she’s aged a day since 1995) and trying to figure out exactly what the hell that refrigerator door thing (sorry, not letting it go) is all about. And it gets more interesting from there. Before the pair perform “Hollaback Girl” in all its glory, Stefani acts out emojis and explains that she has no idea what the eggplant stands for. Do we believe her?

But the two soon run into trouble. That’s because they’re in a lane that requires four people to ride. The only solution? Get two more guests in there to sing backup. But who’s going to just be available in the middle of the day, a Kardashian or a Jenner? Nah, Corden’s got bigger pull than that. Enter Julia Roberts and George Clooney to discuss exactly what a hollaback girl (and why Stefani won’t tell us!), whether this sh*t really is bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S) and make lots of strange faces as Stefani and Corden burst into “We Are The Champions.”

Definitely worth a watch!