‘Hannibal’ Fans Are Celebrating The Entire Series Being On Netflix

Hannibal is on Netflix!

It was revealed last month that all three seasons of NBC’s critically adored psychological horror series starring Mads “About You” Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, and erotic tension as itself would be available on the streaming service beginning Friday, June 5. Well, today is Friday, June 5, but when Hannibal fans (Fannibals) in the United States went to the show’s page this morning, only season one was available to gorge on every like episode like it’s a plate of liver with fava beans.

Now the whole thing’s there. What happened?

After reaching out to Netflix, Twitter user Hail Aphrodite! wrote, “Chatted with the Netflix help desk about why only season one of Hannibal is available and was told I’d get an email if/when season 2 and 3 become available. I asked if they’d be available ‘soon’ and was told ‘We don’t have any updates yet.’ Not entirely sure how to interpret this.” It was probably a temporary regional licensing issue (exciting!), or maybe an “upload problem to Netflix,” according to What’s On Netflix. Or maybe Netflix knew what it was doing.


Still, this is not a fanbase you want to mess with. Unless…

All will be forgiven if the long-rumored season four finally happens.