Happy Birthday To The Ground!: A Comprehensive Guide To Andy Samberg’s 20 Greatest Digital Shorts

08.18.14 4 years ago 22 Comments


Today is Andy Samberg’s 36th birthday, so let’s celebrate the occasion by taking a comprehensive look back at some of his best digital shorts on Saturday Night Live. During Samberg’s eight-year run on SNL, the shorts became one of the biggest reasons to tune in every week, and this guide to the 20 strongest segments will remind you why.


Lazy Sunday
The one that started it all, and in the eight and a half years since it first aired, it’s become legend. It was also the way that many people were introduced to YouTube. Need we say more?


Natalie Portman’s Rap
If you were like me, the crush you already had on Natalie Portman increased significantly after seeing this one. Plus, her line about wanting to punch Jeff Zucker in the face rings true for all of us.

D— In A Box


3-Way (The Golden Rule)
Every digital short that Timberlake was involved in was brilliant. I tend to be partial to “D— In A Box,” because it came first (heh), and it’s just freaking hilarious. But “Motherlover,” and “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” are fantastic in their own right. Really, you can’t go wrong with JT.


People Getting Punched Before Eating
A fine example of how a relatively simple idea can be made hilarious through right combination of electronic music and Andy Samberg dancing. Plus, as a Buffalo resident, the part where he punches Bon Jovi has become quite cathartic.

Dear Sister
A brilliant parody of an episode of The O.C. that features some gratuitous violence. Also, this sketch features easily the best use of Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek.” Sorry, Jason Derulo.

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