Harrison Ford Is The Weirdest Talk Show Guest So Conan Made A Supercut Of Him Pointing At Things

I don’t feel like Harrison Ford has always been the weirdest interview in Hollywood, but he’s certainly held the title for quite some time. Pretty sure it’s a mixture of age, disinterest, and simply just being an odd guy that contribute to the copious amounts of awkward that result every time he sits down on a late night couch. I absolutely worshiped Indiana Jones when I was a kid so it has taken me years to come to terms with the fact that no non-weirdo would rock that lame hoop earring for two decades. They just wouldn’t. Harrison Ford is a weird dude.

Conan couldn’t be more aware of this and always rises to the occasion when he has Ford on, engaging the man as much as possible and working in props and gags to keep things interesting. Last night he unveiled the above “Harrison Ford Pointing at Things” supercut that makes so much sense I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before now. Not only is it supercutting gold but used-to-be-Han-Solo enjoys the hell out of it as well.

Full interview clips after the jump if you’re as surreally fascinated by Harrison Ford interviews as I am…

Here’s Harrison discussing being thoroughly confused on the set of Anchorman 2, because of course he was. This is going to be a good sequel.

And here he is talking Star Wars sequels with loads of enthusiasm.

Here’s Harrison going into old man story mode on his early days in Hollywood.

And best for last: Here’s Conan reminding Harrison Ford that Smurfs are his arch rivals, which leads to weird graphics and Ford hilariously bemoaning the fact that he was in Cowboys and Aliens.

Takeaways: Conan is the best at interviews and I still really want to get drunk with Harrison Ford.