To Celebrate The Premiere Of ‘Finding Magic Mike,’ HBO Max Is Releasing An ‘Up Close And Personal’ AR Experience That Is Exactly What You Think It Is

If you’ve ever watched Magic Mike and thought, “that’s great, but I really wish all those greased up pectorals looked so close I could reach out and touch ’em,” HBO Max has just the thing for you. To celebrate the premiere of its new reality competition series, Finding Magic Mike, HBO has just announced its collaborating with award-winning creative studio and digital agency Little Cinema to create a Finding Magic Mike AR Experience. As of today, fans of the Magic Mike series and/or absolutely shredded men can stop by the web-based augmented reality experience to “get in on the Magic Mike Live action from virtually anywhere,” though we recommend you maybe stick to somewhere not too crowded.

Using Little Cinema’s “first-of-its-kind creative and advanced technologies,” the Finding Magic Mike AR Experience allows users to drop into a personal Magic Mike performance featuring contestants from the Finding Magic Mike HBO series. Those watching will not only be able to choose what routine they’d like to enjoy “up-close and personal,” but can even interact with the dancers, showering them with Magic Mike‘s signature pink neon dollars or raising a glass of champagne to toast to them. HBO calls the experience “astonishingly life-like,” stating fans will “feel transported to a Magic Mike Live show in Vegas from the comfort of their own home.” Oh, and we should probably mention they also encourage users to record their experiences from the website to share with friends or keep as a “private keepsake.”

Finding Magic Mike is the perfect opportunity to take the themes and heart of a series and reach fans through an interactive and dynamic AR experience,” said Chris Schuett, COO of Little Cinema. “HBO Max saw our vision and allowed us the access to show talent, choreography, and key assets that make this truly special, and will put you and your friends in the front row at the show. AR allows us to tell a story that is unique to Finding Magic Mike, and with the tools available via 8th Wall and the team at POWSTER, we feel we did just that. ”

For those looking to experience even more “magic,” HBO Max’s Finding Magic Mike is just around the corner. Produced by Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum himself, the competition series’ promises to be a great time for anyone who couldn’t get enough of the film’s dancing and, based on the plot, sounds like a pretty fun time:

Finding Magic Mike, is an exhilarating and sexy series that will transform a group of men into real-life Magic Mikes. Ten regular guys who have “lost their magic” are put through the paces of a Magic Mike Live bootcamp, baring their souls – and more – as they learn to perform sexy and daring dance routines with one being crowned the real Magic Mike. The winner will pocket a cash prize.”

Finding Magic Mike is bumping and grinding it way on over to HBO Max on December 16 — just in time for all your not-so-family-friendly holiday get-togethers.