Here’s An Awesome Local News Segment About A School That Banned Grinding At The Prom

Okay, facts first. Port Townsend High School recently banned grinding at school dances. After they did so, attendance at said dances plummeted. This would not necessarily be a big deal if not for two equally important reasons: 1) A big chunk of the school’s graduation fundraising comes from ticket sales for the dances, especially the prom, and the grind ban is causing many students to consider holding their own unregulated, unsupervised, Nasty As They Wanna Be prom instead, and 2) It gives me an excuse to link to the music video for R. Kelly’s “Bump N’ Grind” in the first paragraph of a post, and I don’t get to do that nearly enough.

Q13 Fox — “Seattle and Western Washington’s source for breaking news, weather, and sports” — sent a reporter to get to the bottom of the ban on the old butt-to-crotch shimmy, and the resulting two minutes are a little slice of local news heaven. Shoutouts go to the following people in particular:

1) The reporter, whose facial hair, gravely voice and refusal to wear a tie adds a delightful touch to the situation. (He reminds me of comedian Kyle Kinane, which cracked me up when I realized it.)

2) The kid who describes grinding as “Imagine it’s strip pole dancing, but instead of a pole it’s a guy.” If he thinks “strip pole dancing” is high school dance grinding, he is going to be BLOWN AWAY the first time he goes to a strip club. Either that or there is some acrobatic as hell grinding going on at Port Townsend High.

3) Whoever decided to use a YouTube video of people grinding as a way to explain the situation to old people.

4) The person who wrote this comment on the story at Q13 Fox’s website:

Grinding is a way for a dude to rub himself against a chick.

Wait for it.

Sex in public. Still illegal.

Waaaaaait for it.

All they are doing is hurting themselves. I had a blast at my prom and am glad I went. By trying to take a stand they are loosing out on a fun night and making memories and are loosing money for grad party’s. so really it’s a bunch of stupid kids being baby’s.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiit for it.

kinda like king Obama when his background check bill got defeated by “a minority in the senate”.

There we go. Enjoy, everybody.

(Via Q13 Fox)