Here's The Best Of 'Bob's Burgers' Tina and Linda Belcher's (Dan Mintz and John Roberts) Reddit AMA

Who was excited for the glorious return of Bob’s Burger’s? Last night’s episode — FART SONG! — was one of the best episodes in recent memory. To celebrate, Dan Mintz and John Roberts — the voices of Tina Belcher and Linda Belcher, respectively — stopped by Reddit to answer fan questions along with series creator Loren Bouchard. Here are some highlights:

Question for Dan: How do you channel your inner Tina?

Dan: My inner Tina is pretty close to the surface, so it’s pretty to easy to channel. She has kind of a zen quality of being in the moment with whatever she wants at that moment, so I just try to clear my head of distractions and focus on that one thing.

For Loren: Did you intentionally write Andy and Ollie as successors to Walter and Perry? (Note: From Home Movies)

Loren: yes. i won’t deny it. it was straight up theft, though i like your word “successors” much better. we wanted them to be their own little fellas too though, and we wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t think they were worthy as their own characters.

I’d also like to add that the Silverman sisters absolutely nail these roles.

Loren: crush them. and then nail the crushed pieces.

 There was a Bob’s Burger parody on Archer, is there any plans for an Archer parody on Bob’s Burger?

Loren: clearly we have to do something. the world demands it. there’s a perfect way to do it, but we just haven’t thought of it yet.

What do you think is the best Burger-of-the-Day joke on the chalkboard?

Loren: can’t pick a favorite but i love long, sweaty ones, like “the cauliflower’s cumin from inside the house burger (comes with cauliflower and cumin)”

Hey Dan! Where did you come up with Tina’s moan? Was it your idea? Or did it come from someone else?

Dan: I don’t remember exactly, but for the Hamburger Dinner Theater episode Loren needed Tina to do a stage fright sound and I tried a few things and that was the sound he liked. Since then I noticed that I make the sound myself when I’m nervous sometimes but I don’t remember if I always did it and that’s where the sound came from or if I started doing it after doing it for Tina.

I’m a huge fan! Not really a question, but John, I had a mindblowing moment about 15 minutes into the first episode of Bob’s Burgers when I realized where I recognized your voice: your youtube videos! My siblings and cousins and I still quote “Christmas Tree” and “Mother’s Day” endlessly. You managed to capture our mothers far too well. Thanks for making me laugh since middle school!! p.s. who wants bailey’s?

John: Thank you! Who’s hungry?

If you’ve never seen his clips on YouTube, it’s totally bizarro world to see Linda basically in human form:

Will the burger shop ever be successful?

Loren: interesting question. we won’t do a last season of roseanne thing. that’s for sure. but i like to imagine that if bob’s was a real restaurant it would find success after a long struggle.

When Tina and Louise grow up, do think they are they going to be like Linda or more akin to Bob?

John: Gene will be like Linda. Louise like Bob. Tina will have her own show.

Will Tina ever win over Jimmy Jr.?

Dan: I hope so! But Loren will have to decide.

Loren: they are star crossed. it’s always gonna be complicated. – william shakespeare

Why do you guys have so much chemistry? When watching I feel like I’m listening to an actual real life dialogue between two people.

Dan: I think this is to Loren’s credit. He comes from a sound editing background and pays so much attention to making everything sound like people talking. That’s why he likes using improv so much. Even when the improvised line isn’t any funnier than what was written, that fact that you’re coming up with it while you’re saying it makes it sound more natural.