Here’s Nathan Fielder Bringing ‘Dumb Starbucks’ To Life In Hilarious Fashion On ‘Nathan For You’

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07.30.14 16 Comments

If you haven’t been able to tell, many around UPROXX are big fans of Nathan Fielder and Nathan For You on Comedy Central. A lot of the praise is due to the episode that aired tonight that revolved around the viral hit Dumb Starbucks.

We’ve covered some of his best pranks earlier today and gave plenty of coverage to Dumb Starbucks when it first went viral, but nothing can really compare to the sheer genius that went into bringing the fake coffee shop to life. It’s hilarious and has to be one of the best things to air on Comedy Central in a while. Treat yourself if you haven’t seen the full episode and then seek it out. Seek out the entire series.

(Via Comedy Central)

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