Check Out ‘The Walking Dead’ Poster Side By Side With The Exact Same Shot Of Atlanta Right Now

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01.29.14 18 Comments

Mike covered it well earlier — and my fellow Atlanta native Spencer Hall has probably the best, most thorough explanation over on EDSBS — but as someone who is in the middle of Snowmageddon myself I should probably touch on it even though I work from home and kind of feel like an asshole for having to deal with zero hardship (although shoveling your driveways can suck a fat one). So what better jumping off point than to juxtapose this just-taken eeery image from Twitter with a shot of the infamous The Walking Dead poster to explain that it never snows here and instead of trying to act like it’s no big deal beforehand those of us who live here should just embrace the fact that it’s worth shutting things down for a day when we are IN NO WAY EQUIPPED and the worst case scenario far outweighs being overly precautious.

And if we’re going to be made fun of anyway let’s just make every effort to avoid having women and children sleeping in schools, cars, and drug stores. All of this coming from some dickhead who hasn’t left his heated home and had an excuse to have a few early snow beers yesterday. Here are larger versions of both images for comparisons sake because it’s pretty damn eery. Thank you for your time.

Atlanta image via @KeeneTV

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