Here’s What Pepper From ‘American Horror Story’ Looks Like Without Her Hideous Makeup

We haven’t spent much time talking about American Horror Story this season, at least compared to the coverage we’ve given to fellow FX programs Justified, Louie, or Archer, but we must at least mention this week’s episode, which involved an alien abduction, a serial killer, a musical number, two main characters being incinerated, electroshock therapy, and a nun raping a Monsignor — and this was one of the less batsh*t nuts episodes of the season.

American Horror Story is one of those shows that’s basically immune to criticism. It’s intentionally set up to make no f*cking sense, and that’s why it’s been so great; it doesn’t take itself too seriously, unlike those OTHER Ryan Murphy shows, so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy MURDER SANTA.

AHS also has one of the season’s biggest breakout stars in Pepper, Briarcliff’s microcephalic patient, as played by Naomi Grossman. Pepper is, in a word, notattractivethoseteeth, but I was curious what Goodman, an LA-based Groundlings alum, looked like without her baldcap on. The makeup team deserves all the Emmys.

That’s a far cry from this:

Or this:

And definitely this:

Anyway, the Huffington Post spoke to Grossman about playing Pepper, and fan reaction to the character.

Did you have any trepidations about playing Pepper?

A little, but not so much so that I wouldn’t be falling over my heels to do it. I was thrilled — even shaving my head, I was completely on board. Given the fact that I do primarily comedy, for me to play a role like this with someone with a condition, it was important for me to not seem like I was making fun.

I feared hate mail and people saying, “Who are you and why are you making fun of these people?” I’ve gotten none of that and that’s beautiful.

So I went out of my way to do some research and watched some fabulous films about people with mental conditions and I think I got it. I wanted to be PC because that’s the nature of the show, whereas I personally, as a comedienne, enjoy shocking and enjoy saying things that are inappropriate or wrong. I knew this was not the time to do that. (Via)

The Pepper spinoff needs to happen now. She can travel the country dancing to other 1960s novelty songs.

(Via Huffington Post)