Ranking The Most Uncharacteristically Heartwarming Moments On ‘House’

05.30.17 9 months ago


Gregory House was known for many things, but a gentle bedside manner wasn’t one of them. The brilliant doctor loved solving puzzles and viewed the patients who came through his hospital’s doors as just that, not suffering human beings in need of help. With strangers, he was cutting; with his friends, he was downright cruel. But behind that mask of apathy and contempt, there was the tiniest of beating hearts that popped up on occasion to remind us that House was, in fact, a person with feelings.

Of course, many of the heartfelt moments on the show came with House’s signature dose of cynicism and sarcasm, but for a guy who was dealing with a constant, intense pain from an almost fatal leg wound, and who didn’t believe in God, hugging, or the healing power of sunshine and puppies, we’ll take what we can get.

Here are the eight most heartwarming moments on House, ranked from sweet to all the feels.

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