Netflix Debuts The First ‘House of Cards’ Teaser For Its Final Season

House of Cards is without Kevin Spacey after a plethora of sexual misconduct scandals forced Netflix to cut him loose from its political drama, and the final season of the show is also getting a truncated episode order. Still, star Robin Wright looks directly into the camera in the show’s first teaser for its final season and says: “We’re just getting started.”

The penultimate season had already put into motion Wright’s Claire Underwood shifting into the Oval Office before Spacey was fired, and it’s currently unknown how the show will handle his departure, but in the books (spoiler) Spacey’s character of Frank Underwood dies. It’s not out of the question that they explain him away with that simple scenario.

The show went on a somewhat extended hiatus to rewrite much of season six after executive producer Spacey’s scandals. It was said that the final season was almost completely written when Spacey’s character had to be removed and Wright’s leadership was thrust to the center of the plot.

With a truncated season of eight episodes (the original order was 13), it’ll be interesting to see where House of Cards takes Wright’s Underwood. She essentially pushed her husband out of the White House, and now he’s gone. What now?