The Latest ‘House Of Cards’ Teaser Features A Possible Assassination Attempt (Or Does It?)

We already know that, come November 2nd, the sixth and final season of House of Cards will debut sans Kevin Spacey’s fourth-wall-breaking, politically maniacal President Frank Underwood. This is obviously due to the many allegations of sexual assault that have been levied at the actor, who was cut from the season, mid-production. We also know that, in true House of Cards fashion, the showrunners have decided to kill Frank off and put Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, his widow, in the White House.

What we don’t know, as the latest teaser trailer for the new season suggests, is whether the second President Underwood herself is safe from attack. Not just the machinations of Annette Shepherd (Diane Lane) and Bill Shepherd (Greg Kinnear), who had a “complicated past” with Claire’s predecessor, according to Netflix. The details of the Shepherd siblings’ new dealings with the new president are, understandably, being kept under wraps. But judging by the new teaser, it seems they both want something from her.

And in the final seconds of the minute-long preview, the Shepherds’ motivations — or, for that matter, the connivings of just about everyone else in House of Cards‘ overly wrought plot of scandals — may be gunning for Claire. Quite literally, in fact, as it appears someone is targeting her for assassination during a sequence involving her motorcade. That, or the president herself very well may be living up to the Underwood name and trying to make it look like someone wants her dead.

Either way, we’ll find out when House of Cards season six premieres on Nov. 2nd on Netflix.