Finally, We’ve Got More Incredible Dragon Moments In (And An Even Worse Daemon) The New ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Trailer

Not only are Negroni Spagliato moments back, but HBO’s House of the Dragon isn’t simply setting us up with the human drama to come (Team Black vs. Team Green) and is giving the audience with they really want — scenes of dragon fire — in the above trailer.

The second season will pick up not too long after Rhaenyra learns of Luc and Arrax’s deaths due to Aemond deciding to be a jackass. And thus, the Targaryen Civil War is upon us, and the Dance of the Dragons shall begin. The above trailer doesn’t shy away from showing us how the roaring beasts will do their riders’ bidding, and of course, this will not end well for most of them.

Nor does Daemon appear to be setting himself up to be liked this season, since there’s the suggestion that he’s refusing to answer whether his wife is his true queen. Dude is really asking for it, and it sounds like he will be as messy as his literary counterpart when the war really gets going. This season will continue adapting George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood (more on that here), which began around 200 years prior to the start of Game of Thrones.

HBO’s House of the Dragon returns on Sunday, June 16 at 10:00pm EST, when it will (barring any technical difficulties) concurrently stream on Max.