How Can I Watch The New ‘Pam And Tommy’ Series?

After months of hype and unrecognizable promo pictures, the highly-anticipated Pam & Tommy will finally hit screens this week. With all of the streaming options out there, it can be confusing to try and figure out how to watch.

Well, first things first: Pam and Tommy is an eight-part mini-series, not a movie. That said, the first three episodes are set to stream on Hulu on February 2nd. After the first three episodes, the rest of the series will air on Wednesdays until March 9th. If you don’t have Hulu, the series will also be available on Star+ and, believe it or not Disney+ with Star, if you are outside the US.

Pam & Tommy will follow the notoriously over-the-top relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, respectively. The cast also includes Nick Offerman, Seth Rogan, Taylor Schilling, and Jason Mantzoukas, who will be voicing Tommy’s penis, obviously, because what else.

Despite the cast of comedians, the show promises some darker moments, which sparked the downfall of the infamous marriage, which was four days after the pair met. James and Lee supposedly tried to reach out to the real-life couple before shooting, but sources close to Anderson said she believes the whole thing is “a joke.” Well, when there is a talking penis involved, one would hope it would be a little light-hearted.