Apparently Patrick Stewart Only Just Discovered He Isn’t Circumcised, And Hugh Jackman Can’t Handle It

If our own Mike Ryan’s review is any indication, Logan sounds like the blunt, bloody superhero adaptation comic book fans have been waiting for. (Deadpool was pretty good, too.) Yet the film sadly marks what will probably be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance in the role he originated back in 2000’s X-Men, along with Logan co-star Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier. So any chance to see the Australian and British actors be chums together during the press tour is a must — even if Stewart is discussing his non-existent circumcision.

The topic came about in the first place after talk show host Graham Norton recalled overhearing a conversation between Stewart and his young wife. With a mixture of glee and timidity, the acclaimed British thespian retold the exchange for The Graham Norton Show studio audience — especially Jackman, its most captive member:

“She said, ‘You’re not circumcised.’ I said, ‘What do you mean? You’ve only known me a few years.’ All my life, I remember my mother telling me why. Because it was fashionable at the time. She said, ‘You’re not circumcised.’ I said, ‘That’s ridiculous! I should know if I’m circumcised. Of course I am! End of conversation.’ But the next day, I happened to be seeing my doctor… for my annual physical. So while he was down there, I said, ‘Oh by the way my wife and I had a little disagreement. I am circumcised, aren’t I? Because she says I’m not.’ And he goes, ‘Not!’ I said, ‘No! That’s impossible.’ So he looked down again and he said, ‘Hey I’m Jewish, I know the difference.'”

Needless to say, Jackman couldn’t handle himself.

In fact, the amused actor known internationally for playing a “tough guy” stabby mutant couldn’t stop slapping his knee at each of Stewart and Norton’s punchlines.

But hey, at least he didn’t try to drunkenly flirt with Sarah Silverman or size up Michael Fassbender a la Wahlberg.