Hulu Viewing Data Indicates ‘Rick And Morty’ Has A Somewhat Surprising Fan Base

07.11.18 8 months ago 5 Comments


Rick and Morty fans don’t have the best reputation these days. It didn’t help that a portion of the Adult Swim cartoon’s fan base harassed a female writer. They also recently freaked out at McDonalds across the country after an in-episode bit brought a small amount of a special sauce back to the burger chain.

Most stories about the show’s fans are entirely negative, which is a shame because it’s a brilliant cartoon that happens to have some very terrible, misogynist fans. But according to some streaming data, the actual number of people watching the show on Hulu is a a very different bunch than most people assume.

Mashable reported on Wednesday that, according to Hulu demographics research, the show’s fans include a much higher percentage of women than the toxic male fans that have gotten attention in recent years might make some assume.

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