The ‘Previously On’ For ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Includes Many Of The Show’s Funniest Moments

Ahead of season two of I Think You Should Leave, Netflix released a “previously on” for the first season of Tim Robinson’s triumphantly funny sketch show. No show has ever needed a “previously on” less than I Think You Should Leave (yes yes, that’s the joke), but it’s a good excuse to laugh yourself silly at “oh my god, he admit it” all over again.

The recap video highlights just how many great lines came from those six episodes. “You talked about how their bones were money like four times.” “F*ck you, Harley Jarvis.” “Ah! Gazpacho soup just burned my lips.” “There’s is no mud pie” — Oscar nominee Steven Yeun. “YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE TURBO TEAM.” (To be fair, every line from I Think You Should Leave could be in all-caps. There’s so much yelling.)

“[Co-creator] Zach [Kanin] and I just found ourselves writing a lot of scenes like that, where the person is refusing to admit they’ve done something wrong, or lying, and will do anything to cover that up,” Robinson told GQ about his thought process behind many of the show’s funniest moments. “So it became the theme of the whole show because we kept gravitating towards writing those scenes.

I Think You Should Leave returns on July 6 with guest stars Sam Richardson, Tim Heidecker, Patti Harrison, Bob Odenkirk, Julia Butters, John Early, Mike O’Brien, and Paul Walter Hauser. You can revisit our ranking of every sketch here.