If You Liked ‘Justified’, Here Are Seven More TV Series You Should Watch

04.16.15 4 years ago 62 Comments
Now that Justified is over, you may have a Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder sized hole in your heart. Unfortunately, nothing else on television before or since the show aired is really anything like it. Justified was very much its own thing, something that’s impossible to completely replace. However, the spirit, the themes, the cast, and the writers behind Justified do live on in other series, and while they won’t completely fill that void, they may be able to help you come down from the high without completing crashing.

Here are seven series you might like if you loved Justified.

1. The Shield — If you love any of the FX dramas — Justified or otherwise — you owe it to yourself to watch The Shield because the FX DNA basically evolved from this series, which did for basic cable what The Sopranos did for premium cable. It’s darker that Justified, but it deals with some of the same issues; that moral grey area, the line between the law and an outlaw. Plus, if you remove Six Feet Under from the equation, no one has done a series finale as well as The Shield. If you were hoping for something more brutal from the Justified finale, this should do the trick. Plus, it’ll definitely satiate your need for more Walton Goggins in your life. (Available on Hulu Plus)

2. Sons of Anarchy — Because Sons crapped out in its final season, Sons gets a softer recommendation, although the first two seasons are absolutely phenomenal (and Seasons 4 and 6 are great, as well). It’s more of a successor to The Shield, but you could still call it a distant cousin of Justified, if only because — at least in the beginning — it successfully merged violence and humor. Plus, again, Walton Goggins makes a few appearances late in the series. The two shows also share a lot of the same guest stars, as well as directors (Adam Arkin, in particular, directs and acts in both series). (Available on Netflix)

3. Deadwood — In casting Justified, Graham Yost (and Timothy Olyphant) pulled largely from the cast of Deadwood. There are at least 15 actors who have appeared in both shows, including Timothy Olyphant, Jim Beaver, Gerald McRaney, and Ray McKinnon (who also appears in Sons of Anarchy). If you love Westerns like Justified, there’s no reason you won’t love the best television Western of all-time. Olyphant spiritually plays the great, great, great, great grandfather of Raylan Givens in Deadwood, which also boasts some of the best writing and acting you’ll ever see on TV. (Available Amazon Prime and HBO GO)

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