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Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, the happy couple that resulted from the last season of “The Bachelorette,’ were more or less unfazed by the tabloid stories that Ed had hooked up with two of his ex-girlfriends while he was supposed to be engaged to Jillian (reminder: “Bring beer and condoms“).  Now, a website has turned up the entire email chain with both women, and Ed allegedly declared that he’s not even attracted to Jillian.

More shocking than the contents of the emails — in which Swiderski told Johnson, “I’m going to molest you when I get home” — is that Swiderski was seemingly happy to see them all over the Internet.

When the RealitySteve.com blogger alerted Swiderski that he was going to run his conversations on his Web site, the Bachelorette winner replied, “Go with it, Steve-o!” […]

“You worry too much!” he wrote [to an ex]. “You know I never took this thing seriously. In addition, I’ve let the director know that I would be doing the show for the wrong reasons as I am not, in any way, attracted to the chick.” [Us]

You can read the whole thing over at RealitySteve and judge for yourself.  I mean, if you even care.  Me, I’m too disillusioned by all of this.  I can’t believe that something on a reality TV show was presented in a false manner.  If people competing on television can’t find a life partner, how are us regular folk supposed to believe in love?

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