The Trailer For HBO’s ‘Industry’ Looks Like ‘Euphoria’ For Wall Street

Many television owners who have an HBO subscription are eager for another season of Succession or Euphoria, but while they wait an energetic mix of both just might satisfy them in Industry. The trailer for the HBO drama dropped on Thursday and appears to be marketing itself as the Euphoria of Wall Street, full of ambition, drugs and, presumably, obscene wealth.

Industry is apparently slated to chronicle not the present, but the not-so-distant past of the financial sector in the post-2008 global economic crash. There’s a lot of pill consumption timed to the beat of a swelling dance track, some brief actual dance and party scenes and what appears to be some in-office sexual escapades. Or at least some considerable tension, both sexual and violent.

“I only want to be judged on the strength of my abilities,” Myha’la Herrold, playing Harper, says in the trailer. The series looks to follow a group of young bankers as they navigate the stressful environment of the banking world, including the intense pressures of the work and the highs of finding success, no matter what the cost. It doesn’t look like the most welcoming of workplaces, if we’re being honest, but the drama will be high from the start.

“Do not forget how this feels right now,” a voice says as what appears to be our main protagonist peers out from a high floor on a skyscraper.

Industry premieres on November 9 on HBO and HBO Max.

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