‘Invincible’ Creator Robert Kirkman Saved The Comic Book Series By Not Waiting Too Long For That Big Twist

WARNING: Spoilers for both the Invincible series on Amazon and the comic book below.

The pilot episode of the Amazon original, Invincible, wasted no time in getting to the shocking twist from the comics by having Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons) brutally murder the Guardians of the Globe and reveal to the audience that the kind, loving father of Invincible (Steven Yuen) is not the wholesome Superman-like character that he seems.

Fans of the comic were surprised to see the twist show up so quickly in the animated series, but in a new tweet from Invincible and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, he explains why waiting too long to drop the Omni-Man bomb was a mistake he almost made it in the comics. According to Kirkman, then-Image Comics publisher Jim Valentino stepped in and told him not to make Invincible readers wait too long, or the comic won’t last long enough to even get to the Omni-Man reveal.

“Was originally slated to happen in issue 25,” Kirkman tweeted. “Jim Valentino said ‘There won’t BE an issue 25 if you wait that long!’ So I moved it up to issue 7 and the book became a hit.”

Kirkman is correct that Invincible became a hit. Not only did the series make it to issue 25, but it lasted for an impressive 144 issue run and is now a hit series on Amazon where it’s reached a new audience who are itching for more of this brutal family drama.

(Via Robert Kirkman on Twitter)