Is ‘And Just Like That…’ Comedian Che Diaz Truly Funny? Sarah Jessica Parker Is Reportedly Staying Diplomatic

Ah, Che Diaz. I initially wasn’t wild about the And Just Like That… character who romanced Miranda Hobbes and ended up being vilified through memes. The character, portrayed by Sara Ramirez, was only part of what made the HBO Max revival feel more like a horror show that initially planned, but Che made things interesting. Much moreso than if Miranda had cheated on Steve with another character as the show originally intended. Yet is Che, who is both a stand-up comedian and a podcaster, actually funny? Ehhhh, not really.

And when Sarah Jessica Parker visited Watch What Happens Now to speak with Andy Cohen, she reportedly wasn’t feeling the question. That part doesn’t appear in the above clip, but via Vanity Fair and The Wrap, Parker stayed mum on her true feelings. “I feel that I’m not in a position to declare whether Che’s comedy is funny or not,” Sarah Jessica declared. “Nor does it matter what I think.”

Fair enough, Che can stay a villain for the ages, but above, Sarah Jessica did address how showrunner and head writer Michael Patrick King led the charge on conveying Samantha’s absence through text massages. And as for why Carrie didn’t swiftly take action after finding Big on the ground (after his heart attack), SJP argued that it was a moment of “suspended animation.” She added, “It’s this moment where everything stops, and whatever collapsing of time that happens does not stop her from taking care of somebody in a fashion that you would want and expect from your partner.”

Well, that’s a perspective, for sure, but perhaps Big simply needed to die, so that Carrie could be propelled into living. You can watch the full video above.

(Via Vanity Fair & The Wrap)