Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Really Become A Musical?

The Walking Dead might not seem like the best TV show to turn into a musical, but that’s what some said about Stranger Things and that seemed to turn out pretty well!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live star Danai Gurira told SFX Magazine that she and TWD team were “actually chatting” about turning the popular franchise into a musical. Likely most good ideas, it began as a joke. “I was just joking around about having a Walking Dead musical on Broadway,” Gurira told SFX magazine. “Me and [Scott] Gimple are actually chatting about it, which is ridiculous.”

Ridiculous, yes, but considering that Gurira has some impressive stage credits, she might be the person to make a Walking Dead musical actually worthwhile. Perhaps called….The Dancing Dead? Let’s workshop the name and see what happens.

Gurira says that the musical idea might be a joke, but the showrunner really does want to look into getting stage rights, though it’s not that easy. “He’s just said we don’t have the rights to it. I’m like, ‘Well, let’s talk to [Robert] Kirkman, see what he says to that.’ I mean, we’re really largely just joking around. But stranger things have been done, and I do love the theatre… It’s about, how do you confine it to something? Because it’s just so much story. So it would really be, how do you confine it to a good two-or-three-hour play?”

How would you confine a bunch of zombies to a play? Maybe they should focus on all those spinoffs instead of adding another project to the docket. How about we check in with Daryl all the way over in France?! Remember him?!?!

(Via SFX Magazine)