This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Could Mean Tyrion Is Way More Important Than We Think

(Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.)

Tyrion has always been the wild card in the Lannister family. While Jaime, Cersei, and Tywin are driven by power and their family name, Tyrion cares more about the preservation of King’s Landing and the rest of Westeros, even after being ostracized and mocked his whole life just because he’s a dwarf. He’s never quite fit in with the rest of the lions, and maybe that’s because he’s not one. What if he’s actually been one of the rumored secret Targaryens the whole time? It’s a fan theory that’s been floating around for a while now, and with season six’s reveal that the R+L=J theory was true, it’s not that crazy of a notion anymore.

Think about it: His own father, Tywin, hated Tyrion right up until his death, claiming it was because his wife Joanna died giving birth to the dwarf. But it could also be because he was never Tyrion’s father at all. The Mad King Aerys Targaryen was known to be infatuated with Joanna Lannister and was also known to be, well, mad, so it’s very possible he either seduced or raped Tywin’s wife and impregnated her with Tyrion. This would go along with the general lack of family resemblance found in Tyrion, with his book version even described as having almost white hair. Sounds closer to the Targaryen trademark white hair than the golden Lannister locks. We also know that the Targaryens are the dragon whisperers of Westeros, so it would make sense that Daenerys’ children didn’t torch him alive when he ventured into their lair. Then of course you have the whole “you’re no son of mine” declaration from Tywin, but who wouldn’t say that when being murdered on a toilet by your crossbow-wielding son?

So the jury’s still out on a possible Tyrion Targaryen. But what if it goes further than that? Theorists on Reddit and beyond have speculated that Tyrion having dragon blood could mean that he’s actually Azor Ahai, the reincarnation of an ancient warrior whose return has been foretold in prophecy. There are a few other contenders for that title — Jon Snow and Daenerys currently with Stannis having dropped out of the race — but Tyrion could be in the running if he’s the third head of the Targaryen dragon. The prophecy states that Azor Ahai will be reborn amidst smoke and salt, which Tyrion covered when he triggered his hellfire trap in the Battle of Blackwater. He was knocked out and nearly died defending his kingdom — not exactly the same as walking away unscathed from a funeral pyre, but it could still count as his own rebirth. Azor Ahai also needs to free dragons from stone and kill the woman he loves, both of which Tyrion accomplished when he unchained Dany’s dragons and murdered Shae for betraying him.

A Tyrion that is both Targaryen and Azor Ahai would make the fan favorite even more important than he already is, and it could lead him to sitting atop the Iron Throne. Ugh, season seven needs to hurry up and get here already.