Issa Rae Is Teaming Up With Adam McKay On A Show For HBO Based On The Podcast ‘Nice White Parents’

It’s great when two great comic minds team up, even when it’s behind the scenes. That the case here: According to Variety, Issa Rae and Adam McKay are collaborating on a new HBO show. And because both are as serious as they are funny, it’s an adaptation of the popular podcast Nice White Parents, which examines segregation in Brooklyn schools and which garnered a lot of attention when it dropped over the summer..

Produced in part by Planet Money and This American Life contributor Chana Joffe-Walt, Nice White Parents looks at one school in the moneyed New York borough. Here’s how we described the podcast in an interview with Joffe-Walt (linked above):

The story was a personal one for Joffe-Walt, whose own children were approaching school age. Meanwhile, how our schools got the way they are and why we can’t just flip a switch to fix them turned out to be a complicated question, or at least an uncomfortable one. What was intended as a single episode or podcast segment about a desegregation effort in one public schools turned into a five-part stand-alone series about the disproportionate power white parents wield over public schools.

The TV version will turn it into a satirical half-hour series, lampooning hypocritical progressives who have let Brooklyn schools be disproportionately segregated.

(Via Variety)