An ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Fan Looked Into Whether Dennis Reynolds Is An Actual Serial Killer

It’s well established that the most despicable member of the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang, Dennis Reynolds, is a psychopath. He’s a self-confident sexual predator who gets a thrill from wearing another man’s skin, records himself picking up an underage girl, and, oh yeah, don’t forget the D(emonstrate value) E(ngage physically) N(urture dependence) N(eglect emotionally) I(nspire hope) S(eparate entirely) System. Dennis makes Frank seem normal by comparison, and Frank is a trash-man who “accidentally” drops “monster” condoms that he uses for his “magnum dong” around town.

But is he an erotic serial killer? That’s what It’s Always Sunny fan Ryan Hollinger asked in his aptly titled new video, “Is Dennis Reynolds A Serial Killer?” Remember, this is the guy who told Dee, “I swear you would be of more use to me if I skinned you and turned your skin into a lampshade or fashioned you into a piece of high-end luggage. Add you to my collection,” and then added, “You say another word and I swear to God I will dice you into a million little pieces and put those pieces in a box, a glass box that I will display on my mantle.” Even Charlie once compared Dennis to a serial killer!

The evidence is there. Ultimately, however, Hollinger concedes that Dennis probably hasn’t murdered anyone, because that would ruin the joke. Theories are funnier than facts…because of the implication.

(Via the AV Club)