Everyone Loves Mac’s Emotional Dance From The ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Season Finale

Patrick McElhenney for FXX

In the show’s 12th season, Mac (Rob McElhenney) revealed to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s deplorably hilarious cadre of characters that he was gay, thereby proving that the long-running comedy series was still growing. For season 13, however, Mac has been struggling with his sexuality — specifically, how he was going to tell his imprisoned father Luther (Gregory Scott Cummins), and if such a monumental admission would even be possible.

Wednesday’s season finale, “Mac Finds His Pride,” proved once and for all that Mac just couldn’t find the words to tell Luther the truth, a fact that Frank (Danny DeVito) couldn’t understand. So instead of using the words that weren’t there, he opted instead to perform a modern dance to the tune of Sigur Rós’s “Varúð.” A professional ballerina, Kylie Shea, accompanied Mac for the performance, and the final result is incredible. Then again, as McElhenney and others told Vulture, everyone really wanted to make it work.

“We got a really overwhelming emotional response from the LGBTQ community last year,” said the actor and show creator. “I took it seriously and I felt it would be completely unexpected to have this much more emotionally resonant end to the season. You would expect that Mac would express himself through the art of contemporary dance and it would go horribly wrong, until you realize that’s not the direction we’re taking.” And he’s right, because It’s Always Sunny has trained its audiences to assume the worst, but judging by everyone’s reactions online, that’s not at all what happened.





McElhenney playfully acknowledged the It’s Always Sunny love the following day.

(Via Vulture)