Rob McElhenney Got Advice From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Co-Star Danny DeVito On How To Not Raise Spoiled Nepo Babies

Danny DeVito has been a working actor since 1970s. He’s seen it all and learned many lessons along the way, including: how do you raise children and not have them turn into annoying nepo babies? DeVito is a father of three with his wife, Cheers legend Rhea Perlman, and when his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-stars Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olsen were having kids of their own, they reached out to him for advice.

“Having Danny DeVito and Rhea in our lives, who have raised three wonderful kids, has been really helpful,” McElhenney told Business Insider. “Really, the trick is not much of a trick at all. It’s just, show up, be there for them, make sure that they know that they’re the most important thing in your lives, which they are.”

Both of McElhenney and Olsen’s kids have appeared on It’s Always Sunny, but the Mythic Quest star doesn’t think fame will go to their head. “We’ve been very fortunate because we have a lot of people in our lives who were either raised by people of great affluence or celebrity or people who raised kids in that scenario who turned out great,” he said. “If your parents are around, they show up, they give you unconditional love with boundaries and respect you and spend time with you, you’re probably going to be OK.”

If I had access to Danny DeVito, I would ask him for advice, too. Even about less pressing issues, like: what should I get for lunch? (He always answers Jersey Mike’s.)

(Via Business Insider)