Jackie Chan Has The ‘Best Story Ever’ About The Time Bruce Lee Hit Him With A Stick

06.14.13 5 years ago 26 Comments


I don’t know who George Stroumboulopoulos is; in fact, the first time I ever saw his name was earlier this week, when I saw a piece talking about how his show had the lowest ratings ever for his time slot on CNN. I thought they’d just misspelled “Stephanopoulos.”

ANYHOO, one of the features on Stroumboulopoulos’ show is “Best Story Ever,” where someone of note relays their favorite story about themselves. In the clip above, Jackie Chan tells a pretty awesome story about being a young, unknown actor on the set of Enter the Dragon when Bruce Lee accidentally accidentally hit him with a stick, blacking his eye (that’s all the more amusing since the space between an actor’s swing and his opponent’s face in 70’s martial arts films often looks like a foot and a half). That’s not the best part, however; the best part was Bruce Lee’s reaction. The man was consummate professional with a heart of goddamn gold. Listen below.

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