James Franco Goes Back In Time To Save JFK And Wear Leather Jackets In The ’11/22/63′ Trailer

James Franco has been a teacher, a student, a writer, an artist, an actor and presumably a whole load of other things that we aren’t aware of him being, like a big game hunter or a part-time janitor in Ukraine. Now, he’s the lead in the next TV adaptation of a Stephen King novel: 11/22/63. This story about a man who goes back in time to try and save John F. Kennedy has already received an official synopsis and a few photos hinting at how the series will adapt the book’s events, but now it has a teaser trailer as well. The trailer doesn’t give away much, though, opting instead to err on the side of mystery and anticipation.

While fans of King’s book may already know how the story ends, seeing it come alive on the screen will surely offer a new perspective on the story. If not that, then chances are it will tug at your heartstrings during the more emotional moments just the same. In the case of a complete disaster (which, based on the marketing materials so far doesn’t look to be in the cards), the silver lining is that at least James Franco will be walking around in a leather jacket and other 60’s regalia.

11/22/63 premieres on President’s Day 2016 because Hulu thinks they’re funny or something.

(via Hulu)