James Spader Used To Prank The Secret Service During His Wild Times With JFK Jr.

It’s not every day that you can flip on a talk show and see a celebrity spinning yarns about how he used to pull pranks and get wasted with the son — or daughter — of a former president. But on The Tonight Show Friday night, The Blacklist star James Spader did just that when he entertained Jimmy Fallon with a couple of stories about the shenanigans he used to get into with none other than JFK Jr.

Spader and John F. Kennedy’s son, John, were boys back in high school. The two attended the same boarding school as budding celebs and Spader talked about it his old friend, who tragically died in a plane crash back in 1999 at the age of 38. It seems John John still had secret service when he and Spader were first hanging out thanks to his still being under the age of 18 and that on the campus of their school (likely Phillips Andover in suburban Boston, though Spader doesn’t specify), those folks there to protect him had their own little headquarters just across the way from his dorm.

Anyway, Spader and another friend would occasionally open the door to John John’s room, just a crack and if he was near the window, bust in and tackle their famous friend just to get a reaction out of the secret service guys watching from their post. Funny, sure, although Spader is at least a bit lucky he never got shot.

This isn’t the first time he’s told Fallon about his adventures with John John. On an earlier episode, the two had what he refers to as a “festive afternoon” at John John’s mother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s place, got hungry and stuffed his face with somewhere around “100 pistachios.” That wound up not being the best idea when later on, Jackie O called the boys in for dinner and Spader “started to think, I’m feeling a little nauseous,” before puking all over his plate.

A fun exercise to take from this is trying to picture Jackie O’s face in reaction to the puking. One can only imagine.

(Via Yahoo! TV / The Tonight Show)