Jason Biggs On Being Fired From A Job Over His Tweets: ‘It Really F*cked Me Up’

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12.16.18 2 Comments

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American Pie and Orange is the New Black star Jason Biggs is no stranger to controversy when it comes to Twitter. Several years ago, he caught flack for tweeting about a dead Bachelorette contestant and also made a bad Malaysian Airlines joke a few years back only an hour after one of their planes crashed (he subsequently had a meltdown over the backlash and was eventually forced to apologize).

What many may not not realize, however, is that it Jason Biggs’ tasteless tweets eventually got him fired from a job, which has had the effect of changing the way he’s tweeted since (he actually spends more time on Instagram these days). “I got in trouble [on Twitter] a lot,” he said during this week’s live episode of The Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard. “And I took the stance for a long time of, like, ‘whatever, f**k you, I’m not doing anything wrong. And mind you, this sort of coincided with my last years of drinking [Biggs is now sober.] My brain was pickled, and I definitely had a sort of combative side to me that I think the booze and drugs obviously” exacerbated the problem.

“I was let go from a job,” Biggs confessed. “It was for real. I’m fine with it now, but I think it really f**ked me up. And for awhile, initially, I didn’t think I did anything wrong … but the truth of the matter is, I f**king did it … it f**ked me up.”

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