‘Pam & Tommy’ Considered Asking Leonardo DiCaprio To Voice A Talking Penis Before Landing On A Much Better Choice

The last two years, the Emmy for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance has gone to Maya Rudolph for her pronunciation of “bubble bath” on Big Mouth. Maya Rudolph is an icon, but for the 2022 Emmys, let’s shake things up a bit and give the award to another Big Mouth cast member — not for Big Mouth, though. Folks, it’s time for Jason Mantzoukas to win an Emmy for voicing a talking penis on Pam & Tommy.

Not just any talking penis, either, but Tommy Lee’s talking penis. I won’t spoil too much about the scene from the second episode of the gloriously trashy Hulu series (you can read more about it here), but Entertainment Weekly has an enlightening breakdown of the sequence, including someone saying, “I can’t think of a more fun and cuddly way to get away with extended full-frontal male nudity. It’s a puppet, it’s like Yoda.”

As for how Pam & Tommy landed on Mantzoukas to voice Tommy Lee’s Yoda-like talking penis, well, who else could it be? It’s perfect casting. But co-showrunner Rob Siegel admits a few other names were considered. “We batted around your DiCaprios. Everyone came to the table with their own completely left field choices that everyone else thought was ridiculous,” he said. “I remember he was just somebody that we all pretty quickly agreed on. There were a few others but he has a relationship with Seth [Rogen, who plays safe-stealing dirtbag Rand Gauthier in Pam & Tommy].”

Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar, but does he have an Emmy for voicing a penis? Exactly. To be fair, neither does Mantzoukas… yet. Your move, Emmys.

(Via EW)