A Shirtless Jason Momoa Proved That He’ll Do Anything To Make Everything Sexy On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Jason Momoa is still in Canada wrapping production on the second season of his Apple TV series, See, and when that’s done, he’ll immediately jet to the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which has already started filming. But despite his busy schedule, Momoa still found time on Thursday to get a little freaky for a sexy challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While filling in for Kimmel, guest host Anthony Anderson got Momoa to participate in the show’s patented “Make It Sexy Challenge” where stars are tasked with taking boring, mundane tasks, and well, making it sexy. In this case, things got wild right off the bat, as both Momoa and Anderson stripped off their shirts before Momoa slathered himself with sanitizer. He hadn’t even been given a challenge yet!

“Normally, I like to squirt it all over my chest,” Momoa said as the live audience hooted and hollered. “Sometimes I rub it all over my face because it kills 99.99 percent of things.” And that was only the beginning of rubbing things all over his chest.

Fo the first challenge, Anderson told Momoa to open a can of tuna, but “make that sexy.” After tossing a can opener to the side and saying, “Most children would use this, but I’m Aquaman,” Momoa seemingly cracked the can with his biceps and then immediately got to work slathering tuna fish all over his chest as Anderson cheered him on.

Anderson then asked Momoa to iron a shirt, and once again, the chest rubbing began. Only this time, Momoa coated himself with baby oil before laying down a not very subtle innuendo. “I like to lay down the shirt, and this is about the long-stroke, okay?” Momoa said. “It ain’t about that short sh*t, you need it long.”