Jason Sudeikis Returns To ‘SNL’ To Introduce Everybody To His Sensual New Girlfriend

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The season finale of SNL always carries a few surprise appearances with it. Alongside the final episode ahead of the holiday season, former cast members usually like to stop by and join in on a sketch or two. For the Fred Armisen finale, Jason Sudeikis dropped in to help bring back Regine the girlfriend for another awkward first encounter.

As usual, the sketch is just an excuse for Armisen to act as crazy as possible in order to get the cast to break. They succeed in fine fashion near the end of the sketch, with Armisen’s foot ending up in the guacamole and Sudeikis tasting it for good effect. Vanessa Bayer tries to her best to hold it together, but her defenses just can’t seem to hold up by the end.

Not the best sketch in the history of the show, but you can tell the cast was having a good time. And it’s still better than Gilly at this point or a return of The Californians, unless we’re talking a version of The Californians where it is just Bill Hader breaking over and over again. I’ll take that one.

(Via SNL)

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