Jason Sudeikis Impersonating Harry Connick, Jr. While Doing A Duet With Harry Connick, Jr. Is Delightful

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10.21.16 4 Comments

Jason Sudeikis had to cancel on crooner/chat show host Harry Connick, Jr. earlier this month thanks to the arrival of his and Olivia Wilde’s daughter Daisy. (If we didn’t know any better, it’s almost as if being there for your family is more important than promo yuks.) Ever the pro, the SNL alum was able to pop by to make up the date and the results were weapons grade charming.

Appearing on today’s edition of Harry, Sudeikis trotted out his impersonation of Connick and did a bang-up job of it too. The duo made their way to the piano for a shared and surreal edition of “On The Street Where You Live.” It’s the sort of impression where you’re a bit confused going in (how does one impersonate ____?) and then it immediately becomes crystal clear.

“It’s so weird!” notes original Connick. “It’s gonna get weirder as I slide in here,” counters imitation Connick as their rumps share a piano bench.

It’s a cute clip and one that probably gives Seth MacFarlane a series of uncontrollable orgasms thinking about potential crooning action. We have video of this segment (it’d be rude if we didn’t) nestled above for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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