JB Smoove Tells Conan About The Joys Of Swimming With Sharks And Peeing On Himself Underwater

Curb Your Enthusiasm star JB Smoove is living every week like it’s Shark Week. At least he will be this year, as he’ll actually be featured on Shark Week. On Wednesday night, the actor/writer/comedian/daredevil sat down with Conan to discuss his oneness with the ocean and all aquatic life, which he claims know him as “The Black Dolphin.” (He’s got a whole story about being raised by some friendly dolphins to go with the moniker.)

Smoove recently swam with sharks as part of an upcoming Shark Week segment. He talked about the experience with Conan, whom he deemed “smug” for even daring to suggest that he might be scared to take a dip with some giant, toothed fish.

“I’ll tell you something, man, it is the most amazing feeling in the world,” Smoove said. “To be underwater and all you hear—Conan, I’m telling you—all you hear is your breathing. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world, you know. And when I get to space, I’m going to say: ‘This sh*t feels like the ocean.’”

Aside from the peacefulness of it all, Smoove also raved about the convenience of being submerged in water. “Because, who has time to keep going back up to that boat to take a piss? Who has time? So, while you’re underwater, you just let it go… It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can piss on yourself and there’s no repercussions.”

As for the sharks? Smoove felt compelled to show them some love because they showed him love, “and they didn’t have to do that, you know. A dolphin shows up at this f***ing reef? A dolphin just shows up out of nowhere? You know, they showed so much respect for The Black Dolphin. And I appreciate that.” So much so that he took some time to give his new friends some shout-outs: “You know who you are: The reef shark, the tiger shark, the sand shark… You showed me mad love.”

You can watch the full clip above.