Here’s Jennifer Lawrence Talking About The Time A Hotel Maid Discovered Her Secret Stash Of Butt Plugs

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12.19.13 14 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence recently surfaced on Conan and everyone’s favorite talented manic pixie actress managed to make everything awesomely awkward in under two minutes. She really doesn’t own a filter of any sort. She drinks her water straight from the hose and her pool is the color of a Louisiana swamp.

The topic this time around is sex toys, butt plugs to be exact. The plugs were a gag gift from a friend that somehow ended up in J-Law’s hotel room and in the hands of a pesky maid that doesn’t know boundaries.

I can’t judge too much. If I came upon an entire box full of multi-colored butt plugs, I’d also have to take them out of the box and place them in a beautiful display around the hotel room. I would then promptly heave my hands into a vat of bleach and pray that none of them were used butt plugs.

(Via Team Coco)

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