Jennifer Lawrence Busts Out A Wild Rendition Of Cher’s ‘Believe’ For ‘Conan’

Jennifer Lawrence has become self-aware, folks. Although it is really no surprise considering how much the Internet pays attention and follows her every move. She’s popped her head up at Comic-Con to help promote The Hunger Games and the cast stopped by Conan to basically bust on each other for an entire interview. There’s plenty to parse through, but this clip shows Lawrence dusting off her singing skills and providing a pretty decent Cher impression on “Believe.”

This is after cursing at co-star Josh Hutcherson and making a fart noise with her mouth. They should do more shows with a gas leak. Better yet, you can watch this and other segments in full 360 degree view (on Chrome and mobile, of course). Then you can feel like you were there too, putting your kidnap fantasies one step closer to becoming reality.

(Via Team Coco)