Jesse Plemons Explains The Difference Between ‘Friday Night Lights’ Fans And ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans

Jesse Plemons, the fate of whose Fargo character will be revealed on the season two finale next Monday (he probably dies), stopped by to chat with Seth Meyers about the popular FX series Wednesday night. In the above clip, however, Plemons discussed two of his other television popular roles, Landry Clarke in Friday Night Lights and Todd Alquist on Breaking Bad.

Both shows have extremely loyal, if not rabid, followings, but as Plemons explains, interacting with Friday Night Lights fans is quite different than interacting with Breaking Bad fans. While the former are fairly normal when it comes photo ops, the latter want him to act out PEW PEW PEW, or even weirder, pretend to strangle him.

Makes you have to wonder what Fargo fans are going to expect when they run into Plemons.


Meyers also brought up Todd from Breaking Bad‘s popular internet nickname, “Meth Damon,” and unveiled a little bit of trivia that was unknown to me, at least. Apparently Jesse Plemons played the younger version of Matt Damon’s character John Grady Cole in the 2000 film All the Pretty Horses. So no, it wasn’t just us. There is definitely a likeness going on there.