Jim Gaffigan Shares A Touching Note With Fans Following The Cancellation Of ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’

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08.23.16 5 Comments

TV Land

If you hadn’t heard the news, TV Land has decided to end The Jim Gaffigan Show following a mutual agreement between the network and Gaffigan. The comedian starred on the show and his wife Jeannie was showrunner, with the pair writing the episodes as well. That’s certainly an interesting couple’s activity and a good way to keep very, very busy. Not the best when you also have five children and a desire to live a life.

TV Land released a statement on the cancellation according to Deadline, bringing the show to an end with some respect:

“We are really proud of The Jim Gaffigan Show and the amazing comedy that Jim, Jeannie, the cast, the creative team and JAX Media have made for us,” the network said in a statement. “After two great seasons, we have mutually agreed to not move forward with season three of the series. We have an incredible amount of respect for everyone involved, and are grateful to them for bringing their passion and dedication to The Jim Gaffigan Show.”

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