Comedy Central Taps Jim Jefferies To Sort Out All Of The World’s Hot Button Issues On A Weekly Basis

Comedy Central has some news that may have Piers Morgan fleeing for his WiFi-equipped panic room. The cable outlet has added Freedumb comedian Jim Jefferies to the increasingly crowded late night scene and he’s been tasked with the very simple proposition of sorting out the world’s hot button issues. Y’know, something light.

Variety reports that the Legit creator/star is a go for an untitled ten episode series where Jefferies will be bringing his “inquisitive and international point of view to Comedy Central.” Namely, he’ll be tackling culture, politics and the unavoidable subject that is Donald Trump.

“Jefferies travels around the globe to tackle the week’s top stories and most controversial issues,”declares the accompanying press release on what’s in store.

Presumably, the series will lean hard into the comic’s “cut through the b*llshit” persona. Just last month, Jefferies was lauded for his dismantling of Piers Morgan on HBO’s Real Time and it’d be a bit out of character if his show dealing with raw nerve subjects was more akin to Jimmy Fallon.

“I’d like to thank Comedy Central for this incredible opportunity,” said Jefferies of his new cable employer. “It’s always been a dream of mine to do a show in this arena and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve got planned.”

(Via Variety)