‘Parks And Recreation’s Jim O’Heir Did Not Jerry This Perfect Impression Of Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford

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11.07.13 8 Comments

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Jim O’Heir plays Jerry/Garry/Larry so well on Parks and Recreation that it seems like he was born for the role. But if you’re worried about O’Heir being typecast as a lovably pathetic, fart attack-having loser with an enormous penis, do not fret.

Watch the friend of UPROXX nail this impression of crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it will quickly become clear that O’Heir does “demonstrable denier” — the complete opposite of Jerry Gergich — quite well. Are you seeing this range, Hollywood? Bring ALL the fat guy roles that John Goodman turns down to Jim O’Heir.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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