Jimmy Fallon Defends His Softball Donald Trump Interview: ‘I’m Never Too Hard On Anyone’

Jimmy Fallon has had a rough few days, as he continues to receive backlash for his gee golly shucks interview with Donald Trump last week. On one hand, no one expected that he would actually conduct a hard hitting and substantive interview with the Republican candidate; on the other… Well, many argue that the way Fallon slathered on praise and tousled Trump’s hair only served to humanize a dangerous demagogue.

But for the most part, the Tonight Show host doesn’t seem to be too upset about the controversy. TMZ’s cameras caught up with Fallon following Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, where he had been nominated for Outstanding Variety Series (but lost out to John Oliver, who definitely would not have tousled Trump’s hair). When asked what the hair in question feels like, he played along and answered, “You know, like [an] Easter basket, that grass that you have in an Easter basket that just keeps coming out … it’s a fascinating texture.”

When confronted with a follow up on whether or not he was “too soft” on Trump, however, Fallon responded diplomatically, “Have you seen my show? I’m never too hard on anyone.” While that’s more or less par for the course from what we’ve come to expect from the host, did he maybe reveal the slightest hint of bias when asked which candidate he thought would be better, commenting only: “Just get out there and vote. Everyone just vote vote vote. Vote, vote, vote. Register, vote vote vote.” Either that, or one too many Irish whiskeys.

(Via TMZ)