Jimmy Kimmel Delivered A Scorching Message For The Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Being that Jimmy Kimmel lives in Los Angeles and has a young baby, it’s only natural that the growing contingent of parents — predominantly in the Los Angeles area — refusing to vaccinate their children is an issue that hits close to home for him. When the happiest place on earth is linked to a measles outbreak, you know there’s something wrong. Apparently, in Los Angeles right now, there are classrooms where an astounding 20 percent of children are not vaccinated!

Last night, after a few “haha, no seriously” jokes, Kimmel turned it over to real, actual doctors to deliver a message to parents out there who read an email forward or Facebook post from one of their Pinterest mom friends: Vaccinate your f*cking kids. If for no other reason, vaccinate your kids because these doctors have better f*cking things to do than stand up there and tell you what should come as common sense in the first place. Like finish Breaking Bad, for f*ck’s sake.