Jimmy Kimmel Actually Seemed Surprised That ‘Scumbag’ Don Jr. Would Poke Fun At Paul Pelosi Being Attacked With A Hammer

Over the course of his nearly 45 years on this planet, Donald Trump, Jr. has said and done a host of crappy things. There was the time he was arrested for being a drunken slob in New Orleans, the time he was almost arrested for traveling to Mongolia to kill some endangered sheep, the many times he killed more defenseless animals (and invited one unlucky Trump supporter to come along with him), his rumored affair (while he was married) with Celebrity Apprentice contestant Aubrey O’Day, his idiotic comparison of a bowl of Skittles to Syrian refugees, shooting guns with a reported wife abuser — the list truly never ends. But earlier this week, Don Jr., whose regular attempts to out-a**hole himself seem like a desperate plea to gain his father’s respect and love, did something that even he clearly had second thoughts about after making a joke about Paul Pelosi being brutally attacked in his home with a hammer. Jimmy Kimmel was not impressed.

On Monday night, Kimmel — dressed as Smokey Bear for Halloween — gave a brief rundown of all the batsh*t rich guys who are doing disgusting things, including Kanye West, Elon Musk, and, yep, Don Jr. After noting how, within 12 hours of Musk’s takeover of Twitter, “use of the N-word went up almost 500 percent,” Kimmel also mentioned how “the new troll in charge did a very sick thing… he posted a story from a garbage fake news website insinuating that Nancy Pelosi’s husband… may have been up to sexual shenanigans.”

Apparently, that was all the encouragement the abominable eldest Trump spawn needed to jump on the Let’s Trash an Innocent Octogenarian bandwagon, and shared what he thought was a funny meme of a pair of tighty whities and a hammer, and joked that he was ready to go as Paul Pelosi — who remains in the hospital after a man attempted to murder him — for Halloween:


He also joked that we should “ban all hammers” — ha, ha, ha?

“An 82-year-old man was assaulted by a lunatic with a hammer — he went to the hospital with a fractured skull — and these scumbags, their first instinct is to smear,” Kimmel said of the likes of trash humans like Musk and Don Jr. But Kimmel admitted that he was actually kind of surprised by the depravity of Don Jr.’s tweets, which he later deleted.

“I was even surprised at Donald Trump, Jr.,” Kimmel said, “who tweeted a photo of that says ‘got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready.’ While the man’s in the hospital, he tweets [this]. What is wrong with these people?”

“And by the way,” Kimmel continued, “I have my Donald Trump Jr. costume ready: it’s hair gel, a bag of white powder, and a penis pump.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 10:30 mark.