Don Jr. And Accused Wife Abuser Eric Greitens Made Some Video Of Them Shooting Guns And ‘Striking Fear Into The Hearts Of Liberals Everywhere’

At some point in the past few years, Donald Trump Jr. has decided to rebrand himself from the product of white privilege into some sort of gun-toting, liberal-hating, good ol’ boy. Spoiler alert: He looks idiotic playing either role.

While Junior set the bar for douchebaggery pretty high on Easter Sunday, when he posted a photo of three gigantic bunnies packing heat, he amazingly just managed to outdo himself—largely by becoming one of the Easter bunnies in said photo.

On Monday, as Mediaite reports, Junior appeared in a video with former Missouri governor Eric Greitens, where the two of them—locked and loaded—proceeded to simultaneously shoot up a defenseless target. When they knocked it over, Junior proudly proclaimed that they were “striking fear into the hearts of liberals everywhere, folks.” Greitens, who posted the video to YouTube, took it two steps further by titling the 20-second clip “Striking fear into the hearts of liberals, RINOs, and the fake media.”

If Greitens’ name sounds familiar, it might be because he reportedly caused some strife within the Trump clan last summer when Papa Trump learned that Don Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, was working as the national chair for Greitens’ U.S. Senate campaign. But the former president is reportedly not a fan of Greitens, and didn’t endorse his candidacy, so was said to be pissed that Guilfoyle had attached her name to his.

If Greitens’ name rings a bell for another reason, it’s possibly because the former Navy SEAL resigned his position as governor of Missouri after just about a year due to allegations of sexual assault and playing loose and fast with campaign finance rules. In 2018, he was indicted for invasion of privacy after attempting to blackmail his mistress. But none of that has stopped him from forging ahead with his senate campaign.

Greitens hasn’t found a ton of support among his fellow Republicans. In March 2022, after his ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse, even Josh Hawley urged him to drop out of the race.

(Via Mediaite)