Don Jr. Posted Jokes About Paul Pelosi’s Attempted Murder That Were So Tasteless And Inhumane Even He Deleted Them

If you think Donald Trump is unhinged with social media, just check out his oldest son. Don Jr. routinely goes to lengths even the exiled former president doesn’t, not afraid to ruffle the feathers of even the least easily offended. (Or he simply records deranged, slurry videos that make his dad’s speeches seem like masterful orations.) But in the last two days, he seems to have gone too far even for him.

As per The Daily Beast, Jr. — like way too many in the Republican party — thought it was pretty funny that an 82-year-old was nearly murdered by an unhinged MAGA zombie. Early Friday morning, Paul Pelosi, husband to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, narrowly avoided being hammered to death by a home intruder, with a long history of posting far right talking points. This didn’t prompt self-reflection among the GOP. Instead it inspired them to make lots of jokes. A number of them came from Jr. himself.

One, posted on his Instagram account, featured a picture of underwear and a hammer, with the caption “Got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready.” The post was a reference to a debunked conspiracy theory positing that the perpetrator was a gay sex worker or Grindr hook-up summoned by Paul Pelosi. If you heard this one, it’s because it was amplified by Elon Musk on the social media service he recently acquired. Musk has since deleted the post.

Jr. also deleted this post, as he did with another, featuring a doctored image from South Park depicting Herbert Garrison, during his trans period in the aughts, having sex with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. “Dear fact-checkers,” he wrote in the caption, “this has nothing at all to do with anything going on in the news and simply posting a cartoon of what appears to be an altered South Park scene.”

But those since-deleted posts now only live on in screengrabs posted by journalists and others on social media. He has yet to delete a joke on Twitter about hammers.

As it happens, his father doesn’t agree with his son, at least not publicly. In an interview with Spanish-language conservative network Americano Media, the ex-president called the attack “terrible,” although he then pivoted, weakly, to blaming it on crime in American cities, which he has claimed, falsely, is at historically high levels. When even Donald Trump takes the high ground, you know the Republican party has somehow found a new low.

(Via The Daily Beast)