Jimmy Kimmel Ruthlessly Mocks Matt Damon’s Super Bowl Mustache: ‘What Is That?’

When Jimmy Kimmel sees a chance to dunk on Matt Damon, you know the late night host is going to take it. During his Monday night monologue, Kimmel went to town on Damon for sporting a new mustache while attending the Super Bowl showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. If you were watching at home, Damon was shown several times in the stands, and Kimmel couldn’t help but notice something on The Last Duel star’s upper lip early on in the game. Naturally, the late-night comedian had some thoughts.

Via ET Canada:

Commenting on the actor’s fair fuzz, Kimmel joked, “Finding his spot… finding his spot in the bad moustache hall of fame. I mean, come on now. What is that? That’s a moustache — Justin Bieber laughs at that moustache. My God.”

Kimmel also threw in a jab at Damon’s latest commercial for Crypto.com, which has been getting dragged ever since the internet caught wind of it. Even South Park got in on the action by spending in its Season 25 premiere repeatedly dunking on Damon for pushing Bitcoin.

“Did you know Matt Damon gave all that money he made from the crypto commercial to charity?” Kimmel quipped. “You know why he did it? Because no one likes him. It’s the only way he can get anyone to like him.”

(Via ET Canada)